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    The Boston Celtics think they should be better than that.

    Whether it’s because of the organization’s history, its recent races to three Eastern Conference Finals in four years, or the presence of top stars Jayson Tatum or Jaylen Brown, the Celtics seem to have it all. simply able to do more.

    Yet after Wednesday night’s loss to the Los Angeles Clippers without Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, the Celtics are three games under .500 since the start of the 2021-22 NBA season.

    Something has to give, or, more likely, something has to change, which makes Boston a compelling team to watch during the commercial season. The Celtics could (and maybe should) swing for the fences, or they could make moves around the margin and hope that is enough to bring their whole closer to the sum of its parts.

    Either way, Boston should be open for business with the following three at the top of its wishlist.

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    Because Boston is falling short, this team is no stranger to the rumor mill. The situation is dramatic, or at least potentially serious, enough to spark speculation about the nuclear option of breaking the Brown-Tatum tandem.

    Now maybe people know something we don’t know, but separating a pair of stars 25 and under doesn’t seem like the smartest way to do business. Fortunately, the Celtics apparently agree.

    “There has been a lot of talk the last few days about the Celtics and if it worked, which led to the idea that Jaylen Brown could be moved,” Matt moore of the Action Network reported. Instead, two sources have indicated that in recent talks the Celtics have focused on trying to add a third star to play with Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum. “

    The Celtics would have to pay a premium to land a third star, and even that assuming one becomes available by the February 10 trade deadline. But the benefit of a Big Three could be worth the cost of emptying the asset collection. Adding an elite player to the mix could be the piece that completes this puzzle.

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    Rick Scuteri / Associated press

    The Celtics are not a great shooting team, neither on the field (23rd in percentage), nor at three points (24th).

    Anyone who has watched modern basketball for a second knows this is a difficult weakness to overcome. While a good shot does not guarantee great success, a bad shot almost always makes it impossible.

    Boston is probably counting on an internal improvement of the department. Tatum is one of the many Celtics who are better shooters than they’ve shown this year. That said, the need is great enough to think that one or two external additions might be needed to drastically change things.

    The good news for president of basketball operations Brad Stevens and his team is that the cost of the shoot is as high as they want it to be. If Boston thinks a specialist could do the trick, then they might find one in the bargain basket. But if the Celtics start looking for a multidimensional player who can space the floor, the cost could rise. exponentially.

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    Jon Durr / Associate press

    Boston’s worst offensive possessions aren’t pleasing to the eye.

    Of course, that’s true for all teams, but Celtics fans know what we mean. They’ve seen enough stagnant, beating possessions to recognize bad Boston basketball when they see it.

    The Celtics need a general on the ground who can put his teammates in the right position and get them the basketball once they get there. This is just not the description of Marcus Smart or Dennis Schroder. The former is a relentless defender with obvious offensive limitations, and the latter functions more like an undersized goalie.

    You name the ball movement metric, and the Celtics are probably ranking poorly. They are 23rd in assists per outing and 22nd as a percentage of attendance, by These numbers are hard to overcome, and Boston offense classified 22nd does not get away with it.

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