Samsung’s New Freestyle Packs Stream Smarts to Portable Projector


Update: Added pricing information and a link to the US pre-order page.

It turns out that Samsung is not done with it yet. product announcements for CES 2022. Its latest reveal focuses on a device that crushes a portable projector, smart speaker, and ambient light and sprinkles streaming capabilities.

It’s called Freestyle, and the cylindrical device allows users to project content onto surfaces up to 100 inches at a maximum resolution of 1080p. Samsung claims that advanced built-in sensors help the device to level and adjust automatically so that the displayed image is presented in the correct proportions.

Samsung The Freestyle 02 product
image: samsung

The company touts its flexibility, including the ability to work with external batteries for power. It also mounts directly into an E26 socket, drawing energy like a light bulb.

Beyond the functionality of the projector, the new device can also serve as a smart speaker. Users can also hook up a translucent lens cap which converts projected photons into mood lighting.

Samsung says the Freestyle supports features similar to its line of smart TVs, including built-in streaming service apps, as well as mirroring and streaming of content with compatible Android and iOS devices.

Samsung The Freestyle Lifestyle 01
image: samsung

Pre-orders for the device are expected to begin Jan. 4 in the United States, with international availability expected in the coming months. the the pre-order page is now online and those interested can book a Freestyle for $ 899.99

Featured Image: Samsung

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