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Dear family of Ascension public schools,

There is always a feeling of gratitude and accomplishment for arriving at the end of the first semester of a school year and at the end of a calendar year. Our students have gone to great lengths, as we can always count on, to continue their personal progress towards achieving their academic goals, and we are always grateful for their cooperation and commitment to personal excellence. We are so grateful to work with the parents and families of students who support our schools, support their children’s teachers, hold us accountable and extend a hand of friendship to establish and cultivate positive relationships for the good of the children. children of this community.

Many thanks to our teachers, who have the hearts of champions as they continue to demonstrate their keen sense of purpose in supporting and guiding students through another successful semester of a school year. In fact, as we always say, the entire staff of the Ascension Public School System demonstrate their daily commitment to creating quality experiences for students at every point of contact. Thank you all, whether they provide direct services to students or direct services to those who work with students, for another successful school semester. Although it was not perfect it was very good as we did our best to be excellent every day.

Our school buildings and district offices will be closed from Wednesday December 22, 2021 to Friday December 31, 2021. On January 3, 2022, our 12 month old employees will return to work with all other returning employees on Wednesday January 5. 2022. Primary and middle school students will be back on Wednesday January 5, 2022, and high school students back on Thursday January 6, 2022. It’s always exciting every year to enter this season where we take a break, recharge your batteries, and get ready for the spring semester.

I know we all look forward to new learning, new experiences and new opportunities for success that come with working together to overcome new challenges as we enter a new year in 2022. By now there, I hope and pray that everyone will take advantage of special times and days with family and friends to celebrate your traditions and your faith that accompany this time of year. Take care of yourself, and God bless you!


David alexandre


Ascension Public Schools



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