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BASF donated $ 25,000 to River Parishes Community College to establish a Treatment Equipment Trainer Factory (PET) maintenance fund and to provide scholarships to women and underrepresented minorities.

After many years and collaboration with BASF and other businesses in the community, RPCC’s PET plant is now under construction and is scheduled to start up in summer 2022. The PET plant will be a fully operational production unit. . Maintenance will play a critical role in the long-term sustainability of the plant, and hands-on learning opportunities in the field of maintenance will help RPCC students develop skills for their future careers in the industry.

“This world-class factory will provide students and industry partners with a real-world experience as a fully functional unit,” said Acting Chancellor of the RPCC, Dr Jim Carlson. “Most importantly, RPCC students and industry partners will be able to learn about workplace learning experiences that they will see in a factory environment. “

BASF is a long-standing supporter of the RPCC. In 2014, BASF donated $ 100,000 to the RPCC to build its technical training center in Gonzales, as well as decommissioned equipment that served as the basis for the construction of the PET plant and years of consulting (in kind ) to complete the project. BASF also donates annually to support the TECH Academy program hosted at the RPCC and scholarships for students pursuing technical degrees or certifications for a career in industry.

“BASF is proud to partner with the RPCC and the other companies that have contributed to the PET plant, which has truly been a community building,” said Jerry Lebold, senior vice president and general manager of BASF’s Geismar site. “With the many manufacturing career opportunities available in our region, hands-on training is essential to the development of our current and future workforce, and the PET plant will provide a safe and real-life operations and maintenance experience. From the factory. “



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