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    Terrance Williams / Associated press

    The Baltimore Ravens posted the best victory of the 2021 NFL season to date Monday night.

    Lamar Jackson brought the Ravens back from a 16-point deficit to defeat the Indianapolis Colts in overtime 31-25.

    Jackson rebounded from a tough first half with four second-half touchdowns and extra time to his two most important targets.

    Marquise Brown and Mark Andrews made a handful of big catches on the comeback, and they both found the end zone twice.

    Baltimore’s victory kept him ahead of the AFC North with a game lead over the Cleveland Browns and Cincinnati Bengals. The Ravens also kept pace with the Buffalo Bills and Los Angeles Chargers early in the race for the AFC No.1 seed.

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    Julio Cortez / Associated press

    You can use any superlative in the book to describe Jackson’s second-half performance.

    The Baltimore quarterback finished 37 of 43 with 442 passing yards and four touchdowns. He also ran for 62 yards.

    His comeback and stat line appeared to be dead midway through the third quarter, when he dabbled near the goal line.

    Jackson’s morale could have been shattered by this turnover and Jonathan Taylor’s touchdown that followed, but he used that as a rallying point. The Colts initially returned that fumble for a touchdown, but it was called up for an illegal forward pass.

    Baltimore responded with a 75-yard strike in five games, a sign that his offense had things to come. Jackson hit Brown for a 45-yard touchdown pass for the team’s first touchdown.

    After that point, there was no slowing down from Jackson in the comeback attempt. He has led four consecutive scored discs, all over 50 meters.

    The last two sets of goals have touted Baltimore’s ability to come down the field in a crucial situation. Jackson used an 11-game practice to tie the game at 25-25, then finished the win with a 10-game practice and 68 overtime yards.

    Jackson’s performance should propel him higher in the MVP conversation. Josh Allen could be considered the favorite for this award following the Buffalo Bills’ win at Kansas City on Sunday.

    Jackson turned a deflated home loss into one that Baltimore should rally around for more success in the weeks to come.

    Baltimore will face the Los Angeles Chargers and Cincinnati at home for the next two weeks before the Week 8 break. If Jackson plays the way he did in the second half for four quarters, Baltimore could go 6-1. before the break.

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    Terrance Williams / Associated press

    Mark Andrews and Marquise Brown were huge in bringing the Ravens back from their double-digit deficit.

    Jackson’s top two targets acted like the dominant players they can be on offense throughout the second half.

    Andrews caught 11 of his 13 targets for 147 yards and two touchdowns. He also caught a pair of passes on two-point conversions.

    The tight end of the Ravens broke her previous record in yards on reception. He tallied 112 receiving yards in Week 2 of 2019 against the Arizona Cardinals.

    Andrews also caught more than eight assists for the first time in a game of his career. He had eight receptions twice before Monday night.

    Brown produced his second total of a match. His 125 yards were the highest since his 2019 NFL debut against the Miami Dolphins.

    The Oklahoma product caught two touchdowns in a game for just the fourth time in a three-year career.

    Andrews and Brown have the potential to be just as deadly in the passing game every week. Monday’s win could be the catalyst for a strong air season for the Ravens.

    The best targets will be needed again on Sunday to compete with the Chargers, who just scored 47 points over the Cleveland Browns on Sunday.

    If the Ravens put on a more complete performance, starting with the Chargers game, Andrews and Brown could display monster numbers in a handful of contests.

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    Julio Cortez / Associated press

    The major flaw in the Baltimore defense on Monday was failing to contain Jonathan Taylor.

    Taylor went wild on a 76-yard touchdown pass from Carson Wentz to open the scoring. He finished with 169 total yards on 18 touches.

    Taylor was a major asset in the passing game for the Colts, and he used his legs to pick up a few key first downs throughout the contest.

    Baltimore’s inability to slow Taylor is cause for concern with the next two games in the lead. Austin Ekeler and Joe Mixon have the potential to wreak havoc in both aspects of the offense.

    Ekeler has seven touchdowns in total and is the Chargers’ fourth-best receiver behind Keenan Allen, Mike Williams and Jared Cook.

    If the Ravens fail to contain Ekeler in Week 6, they could find themselves in a similar position to where they were at halftime on Monday.

    In this situation, the Ravens may not have the luxury of coming back from a double-digit deficit.

    As long as the Ravens strengthen their defense against opposing running backs, they are expected to feature in every game against the AFC’s top contenders, starting with the Chargers on Sunday.

    Statistics obtained from Professional football benchmark.

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