Showmax Ends Live News Streaming Service


March 27, a day after introducing them to South Africa, Showmax has started offering subscribers in Kenya live news services from several international channels.

Live news channels, including CNN International, BBC World News, Al Jazeera, Sky News, Euronews and Africa press area, were directly accessible from the streaming service’s landing page on the web, mobile apps, televisions and other platforms where Showmax is available.

With many people forced to shelter in place thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, Showmax offered live news channels as a way for its subscribers to keep tabs on the news around the world and not miss critical information.

However, with the easing of lockdown restrictions in various countries in sub-Saharan Africa as well as other parts of the world, a sort of “normalcy” of operations that had been disrupted or altered by the pandemic is returning. Live sports, for example, are back on our TV screens, but without the usual pomp and atmosphere of fans living in the stadium and Showmax showing some of the football matches.

In what is a clear sign that it is also walking towards some sort of normalcy itself (not only has the streaming service introduced live news channels for subscribers to keep up with the news, it has also reduces streaming quality to alleviate the pressure on networks as many stay-at-home subscribers were swamping service providers with their traffic), Showmax sent a message to subscribers yesterday that reads:

We had access to these channels on a temporary basis at the start of the COVID-19 crisis to help everyone stay on top of the latest developments.

As the lockdown now eases and we slowly return to some kind of new normal, we will be disrupting the news service. We will of course keep an eye on developments and if circumstances change we will do our best to step in again and play our part.

The message then informs subscribers that today, June 30, is the last day they will be able to access the live news channel on Showmax.

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