Online newspaper accuses ex-AG of providing false information


Former Attorney General Azima Shakoor has been accused of providing false information regarding the safari sexual assault case.

While a 27-year-old Kenyan woman was allegedly “groped” by two men while on board a safari boat in late June, two local news outlets had published contrasting accounts of the victim. The first, Mendhuru Online, claimed that the victim was raped while an article published on ‘Mihaaru’ denies that the situation has gone so far.

Mendhuru Online released a statement on Wednesday, claiming its article was based on information provided by the former attorney general.

The outlet claimed that Azima Shakoor informed them of a case of rape aboard a safari boat, adding that she appeared to have spoken on behalf of the victim. Although Mendhuru Online believes he briefly spoke to the victim directly, he said Azima continued to tell the story after claiming that the victim had difficulty doing so.

Noting that it has since learned that the rape claim was false, Mendhuru Online said its platform was used to start a political battle.

While Azima has denied the outlet’s allegations, she has revealed her intention to take legal action against her.

Last week, police revealed that a separate investigation was underway against Mendhuru Online following the falsified news and revealed that the medium was operating without registration.

While police also noted that the safari case was not a rape case, officers met the Kenyan woman at the pier in the suburban extension of the capital Hulhumalé. While she must have jumped off the safari boat when the two men approached her, lest the situation escalate, the men helped her reach shore later.

At least 11 personal testimonies were collected as part of the investigation.

While the police have also been accused of political influence following the early release of the two suspects, who are said to have links to senior government officials, the institution denies this and said its agents acted accordingly, in accordance with the information provided by the victim.

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