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Why are almost all college courses in the United States taught in the fall or spring semester and offered in 16 weeks?

This is the question that Odessa College President Gregory D. Williams addressed and presented new perspectives in his recent article for The EvoLLLution, an online journal devoted to non-traditional higher education.

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The question arose out of a discussion between Williams and a faculty head about new strategies and techniques to better serve Odessa College students.

By moving from the traditional 16-week semester to two eight-week terms and allowing students to take two courses per eight-week term, OC has enabled students to take two courses per term and bank their successful courses every quarter. eight weeks instead of having to wait four months to complete their courses. These changes have been a game-changer for the college and improved enrollment, student success and program completion.

Williams said when they came up with the idea of ​​eight-week terms, the college was prepared because of its culture of innovation and its willingness to “think outside the box.”

“We know that ideas and innovations fuel our institution and our efforts to improve,” said Williams, “… we have worked and continue to work with the mindset that we need to do more to improve every aspect. of our operations. “

Williams added that the Odessa College team takes pride in the success of its students. “Student success is our engine, our goal, our North Star. “

For his team, Williams said they hire people who are looking for opportunities to improve, grow and improve OC’s philosophy and systems – team members who are always thinking about how they can come up with the next big thing, the next big idea.

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