Interview with Ari Assuied, CEO and founder of online newspaper subscription company Cafeyn


Cafeyn is an information dissemination platform and digital newsstand that houses magazines and newspapers that curious readers can consume anywhere, anytime, all in one place. To date, Cafeyn hosts over 2,500 magazine and newspaper titles, with over 2 million active users. It has both built and purchased content platforms to support its growth and international expansion.

Since our beginnings in 2006, our ambition with Cafeyn has been to reconnect readers to content that concerns them via a high-performance platform. We have assembled an international leadership team combining talents in publishing, digital media, e-commerce, data and technology.

We continue to grow 40% year over year and have significantly expanded our team to 50 in 2018 and are expected to exceed 170 by year end.

How did you come up with the idea for the business?

Cafeyn came to see me while I was on vacation in New York in my mid-twenties, and was unable to access my favorite French sports newspaper, L’Equipe, when I was not in my homeland, France.

Being an avid reader, I was undoubtedly disappointed. It seemed crazy to me that I couldn’t access my favorite newspaper just because I was in another country. At that point, I idealized an efficient way to host newspapers and magazines.

I looked at services that were thriving back then in the mid-2000s such as i-Tunes and asked why there wasn’t a similar service for newspapers. If there weren’t, I would have no choice but to design it myself. I saw very clearly that the technological revolution was not slowing down in any way, and that if journalism and publishing did not move forward, they would inevitably lag behind.

What advice would you give to other aspiring entrepreneurs?

Persevere and be confident in your own profile – it is a skill in itself to convince suppliers that not only your business is worth investing, but that you are as a person as well. So be sure of yourself – if you want to change the world with your business, of course there is some risk involved, but it’s often worth taking.

More importantly, I would say do your best to spot an untapped market and have the conviction to pursue it. If you have a strong vision, you must believe in your product and stop at nothing to pursue it.

What can we hope to see from Cafeyn in the future?

We want to be the world’s leading news streaming platform, so we aim to continue our international expansion.

Since our inception 14 years ago, Cafeyn has continued to innovate rapidly in the way we promote news streaming at a time when the industry is reinventing itself, so we want to capitalize on the digital age. .

We believe we can do this by continuing to focus on a well-designed, easy-to-navigate platform to ensure Cafeyn is aesthetically pleasing to our users.

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