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The WWE Draft kicks off Friday on SmackDown before continuing on to Raw on Monday night, but wrestling fans are already excited about the biggest potential changes.

WWE lineup has grown insufferably outdated over the past few months, with some of the biggest names in society, such as Drew McIntyre and Bianca Belair, being forced into storylines that fans just don’t care about.

Here are the Red and Blue Mark Superstars who are ready to shock the wrestling world when drafted for another night.

Bianca Belair and The Street Profits Head To Raw

After one of the worst endings on a title reign, Bianca Belair is expected to return to the red mark and become the face of Raw’s women’s division. With WWE’s desire to keep couples together, The Street Profits are also set to head into Mondays to strengthen the Tag Team Division.

Writing the three Superstars would help the red brand to become a must-see television.

From Belair’s perspective, she would instantly become the top star in the women’s division, destined to fight high heels like Charlotte Flair, Alexa Bliss, and the newly revamped Shayna Baszler character. It would only be a matter of time before WWE EST wears gold again.

For The Street Profits, Raw’s tag team division is ripe for picking, especially if Randy Orton and Riddle move to SmackDown. With a plethora of new feuds for the talented duo, Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins would help the Red Mark compete with SmackDown.

Drew McIntyre Go to SmackDown

One of the men who deserves the most credit for WWE’s success during the pandemic is Drew McIntyre, who wore the red mark and the World Championship during a time of uncertainty.

Since losing the WWE title, however, the Scotsman has been an afterthought in lackluster storylines.

The most protected Superstar by WWE Creative right now is Roman Reigns, but he needs a new set of challengers. McIntyre having done almost everything on Raw, he should be drafted at SmackDown and aim for the Universal Championship.

With The Tribal Chief known as a heel who will do anything to hold onto his title, he can use his power to stack all of the Blue Mark villains in front of The Scottish Warrior, only for him to overcome obstacles and end up doing well. game title.

If a man is to beat Reigns for the title, it should be McIntyre.

RK-Bro drafted at the blue mark

One of the best long-term stories told about either brand is the unlikely friendship between Randy Orton and Riddle. While the two disagreed at first, they became a formidable team and even managed to win the championships on Raw.

The Viper and The Original Bro are expected to be written together at SmackDown.

As one of the most dynamic duos in all of wrestling, they will instantly bring great personalities and elite wrestling abilities to the stagnant division. With the possible move from The Street Profits to Raw, RK-Bro would become the best faces among tag teams.

The best part about this move is that when the tandem takes its course, Orton and Riddle will have a singles feud. Not only will the story unfolding on the Blue Mark almost guaranteed to be good, but it will also infuse some new high profile faces to challenge Reigns for the Universal Championship.

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