Bishop’s Stortford College student launches online journal to “broaden minds”


A sixth-grader has started an online journal with the aim of “broadening minds and broadening the future” – and the plan is to involve schools across town.

The Student Economist was created by Freddie Cooke with the help of his friend Elliot Wood and is already generating a lot of interest from his comrades.

Freddie, a student at Bishop’s Stortford College, had originally planned to keep him inside his school, but after collaborating with Elliot, a student at Bishop’s Stortford High, it was decided to expand his reach.

Freddie Cooke started The Student Economist and it’s getting a lot of interest from other students. (44078354)

“We both thought this could be a great way to collaborate across Stortford – starting with two schools more used to rivalry than collaboration, certainly when it comes to sport!” said Freddie.

Although Freddie said the goal was to foster debate on current affairs and improve students’ knowledge of politics and economics, he told the Independent it would give people who write for the newspaper some leverage when applying for college or a job.

“We hope to provide a ‘springboard’ if you wish, something our contributors can put on their college or job application to demonstrate that they are ready to move beyond their career or college course. “said Freddie.

Elliot Wood joined his friend Freddie Cooke to start The Student Economist (44078386)
Elliot Wood joined his friend Freddie Cooke to start The Student Economist (44078386)

The diary consists of four columns, news, controversy, insight, and Freddie’s favorite debate.

He said the first topic of debate was ‘UK should welcome more immigrants’, where two opposing students write articles and the reader votes at the bottom which was more convincing.

“Although in its early days, it is my favorite column because I think it best meets our objective of promoting debate and questioning, when otherwise it would have been easy to side with a article well explained, ”said Freddie.

He said it was important to help students who currently have a constant barrage of news.

“News from social media, where the majority of people get their news, often leads to echoing corridors of identical opinions and we hope that collecting different opinions on one platform will generate interest, debate. and matters that might not have happened otherwise, ”said Freddie.

The 17-year-old is in his final year of sixth grade, but although he plans to earn a degree in politics, politics and economics, he is unsure of where he will go next due to the uncertainty surrounding A-levels.

Waiting for The Student Economist is making waves quickly and Freddie reported that he received a lot of material, including on topics such as populism, post-war socialism and big tech.

“We say on our website that if you’re interested, then someone else our age will be, no matter how specialized or out of the ordinary a subject is,” said Freddie.

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