Credit despite paid Credit Bureau entry.

  A loan in spite of the Credit Bureau entry being paid for can be applied for directly or through a credit intermediary. The loan “without” Credit Bureau from abroad is a small loan. For larger credit requests, such as debt restructuring, only domestic loans are possible despite Credit Bureau. Credit despite paid Credit Bureau Continue Reading

Credit with real estate as security

Banks always grant a loan if it is surrounded by sufficient collateral. As a borrower, you must provide this security. With small loans, it is usually sufficient if you have a good Credit Bureau and a fixed and high income. However, if you want to draw on a large loan amount, it is not enough Continue Reading

What credit to buy a CNC machine

Modern numerically controlled machines are now standard in production plants also in our country. The purchase of even one piece significantly improves the production process. Many people who are about to start a business or modernize an existing one are wondering what choose a loan to buy a CNC machine? The benefits of having a Continue Reading

Home loan to buy abroad

The over the 50s represent half of the real estate buying operations abroad, a very interesting life plan to spend retirement in the sun in countries where purchasing power can be much more interesting. Portugal, Spain, and Greece are the three preferred destinations for buyers of real estate abroad. Simply asking a bank for a Continue Reading

Installment loan with negative Credit Bureau

More and more banks and credit institutions have today specifically targeted consumers who previously faced enormous problems with borrowing. Until now, anyone who could not show a regular income or had a negative Credit Bureau could hardly take out a loan. Today, however, there is also the possibility for these people to benefit from attractive Continue Reading

Swiss loan for unemployed

A Swiss loan for the unemployed is not much easier to obtain in our partner country than in Germany. This is due to the fact that the borrower’s income always plays an important part in evaluating creditworthiness. Applicant’s creditworthiness  If there is no income due to unemployment, the applicant’s creditworthiness naturally suffers, while there is Continue Reading