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    Charlie Riedel / Associated press

    The Kansas City Chiefs came down to .500 with a critical win over the New York Giants on Monday night. While the Giants aren’t a conference opponent or even a realistic Super Bowl threat, giving up that game would have been disastrous for Kansas City’s playoff chances.

    Even with the win, the Chiefs 4-4 are tied for last place in AFC West. A defeat would have left them alone in the basement of the division.

    While securing the win was important for Kansas City, it was not a pretty victory. The defense played one of their best games of the season, but Patrick Mahomes and the offense continue to be out of sync. They struggled to get past the Giants 2-6, which is not what one would expect from the defending AFC champions.

    To put it bluntly, the Chiefs don’t look or play like a Super Bowl team right now. Here are three more takeaways from Monday night’s 20-17 win over New York.

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    Ed Zurga / Associated press

    OK, so it’s not exactly a revelation. The Chiefs have had turnover issues all season. However, he was at the forefront of a botched game before a domestic crowd against a Kansas City foe should have been easily manipulated.

    Mahomes threw in his 10th interception of the season, while tight end Travis Kelce lost a fumble in New York territory.

    Kansas City’s offensive problems go beyond turnovers. The team regularly try to force the big game, they won’t enter the race, and the result is an offense that just doesn’t frighten opponents like the Chiefs’ offenses of years past. On Monday, the Chiefs averaged just 4.8 yards per game, while New York averaged 5.4.

    “Look, it’s not all good right now, but we’re fighting for it. And it’s happening in this game,” head coach Andy Reid said, according to NFL.com. Grant Gordon.

    The fact remains, however, that it’s hard to win consistently in the NFL when you’re constantly flipping the ball – and that’s exactly what Kansas City does. He has 19 turnovers this season, while Mahomes has thrown an interception in seven straight games.

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    Charlie Riedel / Associated press

    Safety Daniel Sorensen started the first five games of the season but was eventually replaced by Juan Thornhill, although defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo insisted at the time that not all Kansas City defensive struggles were on Sorensen.

    “Focusing on one person, I don’t think that’s fair,” Spagnuolo said, according to NFL Media’s Ian Rapoport.

    Sadly, Sorensen continues to be a weak link in high school, even in a diminished role. He played 45 percent Monday’s defensive snaps and has always been repeatedly targeted by Giants quarterback Daniel Jones.

    On one play, he interfered with Giants wide receiver John Ross and still gave up a 50 yard completion.

    Blaming a player for the poor defense of a team is indeed unfair. However, it is also true that Sorensen has repeatedly given up on huge games with little resistance. During the year, he successfully defended a pass while giving up 18 receptions, 295 yards and an opposing passer rating of 149.1.

    It won’t be a shock to see Kansas City targets safety assist before the Tuesday afternoon trade deadline.

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    Ed Zurga / Associated press

    It wasn’t so bad for the Chiefs on Monday night, they finally took the win. A surprising bright spot has been the emergence of running back Derrick Gore.

    Gore, who entered the league as an undrafted free agent with the Los Angeles Chargers in 2019, saw his first NFL action with the Chiefs in Week 6. He saw his first carry over against the Giants and finished with 11 of them for 48 yards and one touchdown.

    The Chiefs activated Gore from the practice squad after placing Clyde Edwards-Helaire on the injury list with an MCL sprain. Kansas City has relied heavily on Darrel Williams as a running back since then, but Gore showed on Monday that he deserves more opportunities as a running back.

    Gore showed good vision and power at the point of attack and was one of the few real strengths offensively. Although this is a small sample, Gore ran more efficiently than Williams, who averaged just 3.5 yards per carry over the season.

    Kansas City doesn’t run often – it ranks 21st in rushed attempts – but Gore deserves a heavy workload as long as Edwards-Helaire stays on the sidelines.

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